Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy frozen vs. fresh?

The simple answer: Frozen patties are more flavorful.

Here’s why: Fresh patties are formed by the same methods as frozen, but frozen locks in freshness. The longer the patties sit, the more moisture is lost. This can be seen by the amount of juice pooled in the bottom of the bag or box. Temperature also affects fresh product more—the higher the temperature, the greater the moisture loss.

Patties are quick-frozen within minutes. All of the natural flavor and juices are locked inside the pattie until it is cooked so that your first bite is packed full of juicy flavor.

Should I cook your products from frozen or thaw them first? Why?

Our products are formulated for convenience, consistency and maximum flavor. We recommend cooking from a frozen state, directly from freezer to grill. No additional time required, no mess to clean up.

What does the market currently look like (price forecasting, market trends)?

There are many factors that affect the current markets as well as future projections. We recommend Beef Foodservice Professionals for up-to-date beef industry information.

Where is the closest distributor who stocks your product?

Our nationwide network of distributors stands ready to service your needs. We encourage you to reach out to one of our customer service team members for information about distributor options by calling 1-618-857-4080.

How do your prices compare to the competition?

Our customers find our prices to be competitive in the marketplace. Of course, someone can always be cheaper. When it comes to center of the plate, it is important to recognize the value of quality meat products.

Can you provide me with samples?

We are always excited to share our pride and products with interested customers. We encourage you to reach out to our customer service team members, who can make the necessary arrangements, by calling 1-618-857-4080.

Do you have any coupons or promotions currently running?

Throughout the year we actively promote our products for both the foodservice and retail businesses. Please contact your sales representative or our Customer Service team at 1-618-857-4080 to find out more about our current offers.