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food safety

There is nothing more important than making sure we produce safe high quality food for you and your customers. That’s why we choose to pursue a third party food safety certification, Safe Quality Foods (SQF). We were not satisfied with just one of our plants being certified, so we set the target higher. Since 2011, all three of our production facilities have been SQF certified. Why was this important to Branding Iron? Because we have a culture of innovative food safety intervention and we believe we are doing more than simply providing you with food products – We are protecting your reputation.

research & development

Branding Iron’s product development team is continually analyzing market trends and consumer insights, merging their findings with your feedback. And our three Midwestern facilities are equipped for innovation and increased capacity. Not just for the future of our business, but for the future of yours.

flexibility & customization

That means choices and competitive pricing you expect from a large operation with focused personal attention on your unique business. All of our creations can be molded to suit your needs, because we’re not selling products, we’re selling solutions.