Innovation keeps us up at night. But it works for you all day.

We are constantly in a mode of consumer and product research and discovery. The result is a brand portfolio of products that are innovative and resonate with your guests. A case in point is our new CHOP HOUSE by Holten. Through consumer and product research, we identified the need for a premium offering in the retail frozen burger category, and we answered with CHOP HOUSE — our line of premium proprietary, butcher-style grinds has a unique, handmade look and is bursting with a flavorful blend that includes Angus Sirloin & Chuck and Angus Brisket & Sirloin. And now this brand is in foodservice, offering a craft burger experience designed to tap into the chef-driven restaurant burger trend.

Anything fresh can do, frozen can do better. Here’s proof.

The Cloud broke the mold from day one. Our first innovation was a patented process that delivers a free-form burger shape and profile with a unique, handmade look, but at the same time, within very standardized and consistently weighted patties that resulted in burgers that look — and taste — like they were made fresh at the grill. Our Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) process freezes the fresh grind in less than 19 minutes. And since it’s made from 100% fresh, domestically sourced beef – with no added sodium or other ingredients – The Cloud is essentially a “fresh-frozen product, whose quality and flavor are literally locked in.


Our burgers boast proprietary, butcher-style grinds so they’re bursting with flavor. Frozen fresh with a unique handmade look, CHOP HOUSE is sure to become the craft burger lover’s go-to option.


Meet the freshest frozen burger ever made and then explore the many creative menu ideas that bring your burger experience to life. The Cloud is the perfect burger for your culinary creation.

You get the picture

There’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned burger right off the grill. But that basic burger can also be a springboard for menu innovation. With Thick N Juicy, create burgers that capture the imagination.